Montpellier to Montpellier.




Arrival Day. Today we’ll meet at our hotel; we’ll help assemble bikes, answer any questions you might have, etc. Montpellier (pop. 533,000) “where the sun never sets”, is the 8th largest city of France, one of the most interesting cities to explore if you arrive early or want to stay longer at the end of our tour.


Vezenobres. (pop. 1,663) / 76 km. or more if you are into it. We’ll go through some beautiful towns mostly on small roads. After close to 500 m of climbing, we could have a refreshing swim in the pool and get ready for a delicious dinner at our hotel. Vezenobres stands on a steep hillside, its thousand years of architecture makes it worth while to take a stroll up to this Medeival City, which it is beautifully lit up at night time, it will take you magically back trough time.


Orange. (pop. 30,025) / 86 km. / 350 m of climbing. Our ride will take us through vineyards, wheat fields, olive groves, almond and cherry trees etc. We’ll ride by St. Quentin-la-Poterie, known for its pottery works since the 14th century. Orange is a high density, historical town. World heritage attractions here are: the Ancient Roman Amphitheatre, the Triumphal Arch etc. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from for dinner.


Orange. Exploratory day. We’ll ride through the heart of one of the most famous wine areas in France: Cote du Rhone with its 13 authorized appellations. Villages like Chateauneuf du Pape, Vaison la Romaine, Seguret etc. have lots to offer including great tasting cellars, Roman castles ruins from the 12 and 15 centuries and pedestrian-only streets with several cafes and restaurants. You can take the day off or ride a 60 km loop.


Sault. (pop. 1,301) / Altitude 706 m,70 km is the shortest route option. Even though there are two options to get to Sault either way there will be some climbing involved, 1036 m; conquering legendary Mont Ventoux is one of them which could be the highlight of your trip if you like climbing this is close to 1890 m climbing. Sault is an old fortified village, situated along the top of a high ridge overlooking a wide valley with large lavender fields, spectacular views today.

DAY 5:

L’Isle-Sur-la-Sourge. (pop. 18,799) / 60 km. / 570 m climbing. Today we’ll ride on one of the most amazing routes of the area, Gorges de la Nesque a famous classic cyclist’s favourite, views beyond spectacular. We’ll spend the night at L’Isle-Sur-la-Sourge, beautiful medieval town, built on the islands of five branches of the Sorgue River which runs through, past, in and around the town; water adds a special beauty and character to it. Plenty of dinner options by the river.


L’Isle-Sur-la-Sourge. 70 km. / 665 m climbing but it couldbe less iif you choose a shorter route. We are in a perfect location to visit many “must see” Provence villages, Gordes, Roussillon, Menerbes, Lacoste, etc. you can choose to visit them all, some or take the day off.


St. Remy de Provence. (pop. 10,251) / 60 km / 467 m climbing. On route we’ll visit the charming Les Baux village, a stone and cobblestone medieval village, worth the climb to it. Saint Remy is a busy, active village, with a good selection of restaurants, museums, galleries, shops etc. Vincent Van Gogh lived a period of his life in Saint Remy, here he painted two of his most notable works: “Starry Night” and “Self-Portrait”.


Uzes. (pop. 8, 500) / 65 km. / 287 m climbing. Today’s ride crosses the magnificent Rhone River just after visiting the beautiful St. Michel de-Frigolet Abby, we’ll also cross by the famous Pont Du Gard, UNESCO World Heritage Site, highest of all Roman aqueduct bridges, very impressive. We’ll stay in the town of Uzes which is full of history and abundant architectural heritage, lots to see and plenty of options for dinner.


Uzes. Exploratory day. We’ll go through vineyards, farmlands, small villages and olive groves which have been present in the sunny slopes of the Uzes area for over 2000 years. You will also have the option to visit the city of Nimes (pop. 143,400) famous for its Roman Empire’s remains as Les Arenes, an impressive 70 AD Roman amphitheatre, Nimes is also renowned by its textile industry and it is located 25 km from Uzes. Option for a day off or ride a 50-60 km loop. 350 m climbing or less if you choose a different route.

DAY 10

Cycle back to Montpellier. 75km. 322 m climbing. Last day ride, very scenic with plenty of villages to stop for coffee, etc. including beautiful Sommieres.

DAY 11

Travel Day.. After breakfast you will be on your own. You are responsible for your return transportation. We'll help you board a train, bus or point you in the right direction. We’ll be happy to help you out arranging an extended stay if you wish.

Note: Minimum 10 to run the trip. Please check for availability.

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France 2012, Courtesy David Trattles.

Out of Vezenobres, France, 2012.

France 2013, Les Baux.

Entering Sault, France 2012.

Pouzilac, France, 2012.

Orange, June 2012.